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Why? Why? Why? to Research.


Hey bloggers! Weekly blog no 3 at your service.  Background explanation first though, yes!  Well as I may have stated previously I’m a mature student who has been fortunate enough to come back to education after being held captive by my children for a number of years ha ha!  Before this I worked as a Design Project Engineer for a BAE company who manufactured the life-support systems for Euro-fighter Aircrew.  Link?????…….this was a Research and Development Project that involved testing and qualification.  So my blog this week is to going to address the…..Importance of Research.

Research is as fundamental to the field of psychology and the role of a psychologists as it is to technology.  There would be no evolution of psychology as a science without continuous progressive research.  In essence psychology emanates from ideas that are explored through research with a view to determining causation.  Without research there would not be the modern psychology of today as we know it.  Therefore as wanna be psychologist’s we need to embrace and appreciate the importance of research and its methodology. 

Just as modern psychology has revealed exciting new areas of interest such as the structure and functions of the brain. Accordingly research methods have needed to develop parallel to such curiosities or how else could these ideas be investigated?  So psychology and research cannot be separated, you cannot have one without the other.  The more that research evolves within Psychology, the greater the contribution to its credibility as a science.

So with a view to the functions of the brain, did you know that when a fighter-pilot flies at high altitude at about 9G the only thing stopping him from blacking out and falling out of the sky is his trousers.  No?  Neither did I, until I did the research and tested it!  Really it’s true; this is because without the aid of a counter pressure garment the blood would travel from his brain and pool at his feet, resulting in lack of consciousness.  Not a good look!!!

The point I am making here, is that research is crucial to innovation, whatever the discipline.  Finally a message to all the undergraduate ladies, i’ve met a lot of the five nations top-guns and I hate to say it but there actually not that sexy (they wouldn’t like me saying this i might add ha ha!).  But here’s the take home message “SCIENCE IS SEXIER”!!!

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  1. October 18, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    Haha love this blog! Did the fighter pilot know how important his trousers were before you did that research aha? It shows how important research is, it saves lives! If no research was ever done, we would still be living like cave men. Its weird how even then, they would have been conducting simple experiments and research to develop their living standards. Like into the best fishing techniques and fire making skills will all have developed from some kind of experiments. Research just on a day to day scale is important for everyone to develop and learn.

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